ARTEMIDE is a brand of designer lamp lighting. His creations are known both nationally and internationally.

    The most famous and well-known lamp in ARTEMIDE is the Ptolemy lamp. In addition to the different sconces that ARTEMIDE has in its catalog. Other models sought after by our users are ARTEMIDE floor lamps. As well as the Flexo, the Talo, the Mercury and the Melampo, in addition to the Tolomeo lamp.

  • FLOS


    The brand of FLOS Lighting was born in 1960 thanks to a brilliant idea. Today, FLOS lamps are known internationally thanks to their incredible designs. In iluxiform we have a wide variety of FLOS luminaires, both suspended lamps, ceilings, sconces, tabletop, etc.

    More about FLOS Lighting Lamps

    Some of the lamps that we have inFLOS Lighting are, for example: the Aim, the Arc lamp, the whole series of the Glo-Ball of FLOS, the Ic, the Frisbi lamp, Bon Jour, Parentesis, Ktribe and a long etcetera. You also have to keep in mind that, in case you are interested or interested in a lamp of the brand FLOS Lighting that we do not have on our website, you can also get it. Since we can create lamps of the brands we distribute.



    At iluxiform we are distributors of FOSCARINI and other leading lighting brands on the market. All the lamps ofFOSCARINI we can have them on our website. So if you are interested in a FOSCARINI lamp, you just have to contact us.

    On our website we always try to offer the best possible price. So it is very difficult for you to find better prices on the net!

    FOSCARINI lamps, designer lamps

    Some of the most recognized FOSCARINI lamps we have in iluxiform are the Caboche, Twiggy, the Big Bang lamp, the Gregg, Lumiere, Birdie, Tress, Le Soleil and many more lamps of the lighting brand FOSCARINI.



    If you know the brand of design lighting LOUIS POULSEN it is because you know the PH5 lamp. The PH5 is the most recognized and iconic lamp in LOUIS POULSEN and at iluxiform we offer it at the best possible price.

    Design lighting: LOUIS POULSEN

    In addition, in our catalog we also offer you the possibility of buying the Artichoke lamp and the AJ lamp both for standing and desktop. As you may know, LOUIS POULSEN offers a wide variety of colors for all its lamps.



    The design lighting brand MARSET is known for all its creations and in particular for the Discocó lamp. La Discocó has become an icon and a benchmark in the world of lighting.

    MARSET lamps : Discocó, Ginger, FollowMe and TamTam

    In iluxiform we have the whole family of the Discocó lamp, in all its models, sizes and colors. This is not the only recognized lamp of this lighting brand, as it is also credited with creating the Ginger lamp.

    You can find the Ginger in apply, suspended, standing and tabletop model. With a wide catalog of finishes and different models. We cannot forget the great revolution that got the FollowMe lamp from MARSET.



    The Santa Cole brand is a small, independent, global publisher of well-designed products. The Cesta lamp is the most recognized design of this brand of design lighting, in addition to the Basket.

    This table lamp designed by Miguel Milá has become a benchmark in the world of decoration and lighting in general. A few years after the cesta lamp was launched, they designed the Basket.



    The lighting brandVIBIA, VIBIA Lighting, has in its catalog several design lamps known nationally and internationally. The luminaires of this brand, in addition to illuminating, are a perfect complement to decorate.

    Some of the best known lamps are the Skan, Flamingo, Slim, Mayfair, Funnel and a long list of incredible lamps. These luminaires, in addition to providing luminosity in your home or in your shop, also decorate. They are an implicit part of the decoration and could be considered as true works of art.