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Wall lamp: Wall lamp: Apply I.Cone of VIBIA. This wall lamp is designed for reading in the bedroom bed. The design is by: Lievore, Altherr and...


Apply Vibia Lighting Pin. The Pin collection is composed of a desktop model, standing and several models. This family was designed by Ichiro...

Lighting Pictures

Lighting for paintings, everything you need to know

At we know how important art is for people as well as for the design of your home, that's why we have decided to open this category of Lighting for paintings.

Since our forte is not the paintings we have decided to combine our best appliqués so that your works of art look even more beautiful than they already are and their painting can impress their visitors, relatives and even the people who visualize it day by day, and aesthetically speaking we have tried ourselves how the soft light on a painting enhances its colors and makes us admire that work of art that we like. The lighting for paintings has to be soft and focal because it gives greater beauty to the painting and preserves it better. It is also necessary to take into account the dimensions of the frame and the dimensions of the luminaire to achieve total illumination.

How to enhance the Illumination of your Paintings?

Together with our technicians we have been selecting the best interior sconces so that your works look really enhanced and increase the comfort of your home. The Lighting for Pictures is a category designed and designed for those art lovers who want to show off their photos and paintings with the greatest possible elegance, to be able to make the difference from having a poorly lit painting with hardly any saturation in its color to having a painting illuminated both in warm light and in cold light thus enhancing the colors of the painting located in any room, hallway and any room of your home so that it looks and adorns the walls of your home with the greatest possible splendor. Enjoying spaces decorated with their paintings at the same time well lit and enhanced with our lamps and interior design sconces specially selected for your favorite paintings. Enter our category of lighting for paintings now and start looking for the one that best suits your tastes.