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Tabletop/suspension laptop Chispa by  MARSET Chispa, designed by Joan Gaspar Its design refers us to the garage lamp but of high quality,...

Portable Lamp

What can you use your Portable Lamp for?

Portable lamps are used to be able to take them anywhere and at any time without the need to think about plugs. We also have to comment that many customers have bought their Portable Lamp because in the place where they wanted to put it there were no plugs.

We have a wide range of models, of different sizes, colors and styles. The most requested portable lamp at the moment is the FollowMe by MARSET. Followed by the Battery Basket, from the Lighting brand Santa & Cole.

You can choose between Cableless Lamps for indoor or outdoor. In each category you will find the most recommended for each situation. You have to know that Portable Outdoor Lamps can also be used for indoors.

However, an indoor portable lamp is not advisable to leave it outside. That is, you can use it to illuminate the table of your garden or terrace during the summer nights. From iluxiform we recommend that you never leave a portable indoor lamp outside. Since in the event that it rains, it could be damaged or even stop working.

Battery or Battery Lamps

Depending on the model you choose, it can be a battery-powered or battery-powered lamp. You will have to read the product description well to know which model you want to acquire.

Rechargeable lamps generally have a range of more than 10h. So they can hold you all night being on the terrace or in the garden together with your friends or family.

Some of our customers have also used their portable lamp as a bedside table luminaire. Since they did not have enough plugs and this was the fastest and cheapest solution to be able to have light on both sides of the bed.

In case you have any questions about the Portable Lamps, we are at your disposal to help and advise you. Contact us!