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Ray T table lamp, brand FLOS. The design is attributed to Rodolfo Dordoni, in 2007. We can see that, even over the years, its design is still a...


Marset lamp : Polo in foot format. Floor lamp. Design Joan Gaspar, year 2013. Integrated LED of 7W 3000K. The fluidity of its movements and...


desktop Vibia: Flex. Its design is characterized by having a stylized and light silhouette. The design of this is attributed to Ramos & Bassols....


Vibia Skan, floor lamp. LED technology included. Adjustable by optical sensor. Available in: white, red and black. Two different sizes to choose...


Floor lamp I.Cone of VIBIA. The I.Cone floor lamp VIBIA, ideal as an auxiliary lamp or reading lamp. Design by: Lievore, Altherr and Molina....


Vibia Lamp : Swing Standing. Wherever you place this lamp, it will bring you elegance and beauty. You will get a warm and cozy stay. Design...


Find your studio lamp in iluxiform!

The use of study lamps, also known as desk lamps or flexos, is very common to illuminate work tables, both in homes and offices, with the aim of achieving a focused light that allows you to perform tasks such as reading or working comfortably and without straining your eyes. For this reason, one of the main characteristics of study lamps is the possibility of moving the light bulb, usually through an articulated or flexible arm, to place it in the position that best suits and facilitates the vision at a precise point.

Being a luminaire used to facilitate vision in work tasks, the type of lamp chosen is a fundamental aspect. We must consider the power of light that we are going to need, the tonality of it, as well as the height of the table and the distance at which we are going to work from the point of light, among other aspects. Thus, we will have to choose between lamps that project only the light downwards, lamps with diffusers that expand the halo of light, lamps with a screen to create a softer light, lamps with clamp support or with a table base, lamps with built-in light intensity regulator, etc.

In addition to its essential functional aspect, we must not fail to take into account that the study lamp we choose will become one more element of the decoration of our desk or work area, so it is convenient that it adapts to the decorative style that we want to give it. In you can find studio lamps of different styles, some more classic, others more modern, Nordic style lamps, industrial style, etc. The choice of the right luminaire will give the touch of personality necessary to recreate the style you are looking for.

Do you have doubts about which studio lamp to choose?

If you have any questions about which type of study lamp is most convenient for you, in we offer you advice completely free of charge. We have a team of professionals, formed with interior designers and technicians specialized in lighting, with extensive experience in the sector that we are sure can help you make a good choice of the study lamp you need. If you wish, you can contact us through the email, the telephone number 977 32 85 56 or the chat available on our website. Welcome to!

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