Bathroom Mirror Lights

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Bathroom Mirror Lights

Discover a wide variety of lamps for bathroom mirrors in

Illuminating a bathroom is not an easy task, several factors such as functionality, safety or installation mode must be taken into account to choose the right luminaires and not make mistakes. Although the aforementioned aspects take on great relevance in the lighting of the bathroom, in we think that aesthetics is also an essential element and that we should not leave it aside in any corner of our house, nor in the lighting of the bathrooms.

Currently there is a wide variety of luminaires among which you can surely find those that meet your needs and at the same time provide the touch of style that you want to recreate at a decorative level. Ceiling lamps, ceilings, sconces and spotlights of classic, minimalist, modern, rustic or vintage style, among many others, can be the solution to get the bathroom you want.

Illuminate your vanity with lights for your bathroom mirror

One of the areas of a bathroom that must have more lighting is the vanity area. In this area it is important to have a well-directed light and with adequate power and tonality, since it is key to be able to carry out tasks such as makeup, combing or shaving optimally. For this reason, the placement of lights in the bathroom mirror is usually a recurring solution and that brings very good results. This should be chosen according to the general light and natural light available in the bathroom, as well as the height and width of the mirror.

On an aesthetic level, there are many lights for the mirror of a bathroom, of very diverse styles, from minimalist luminaires to others more rustic or vintage style. We must choose luminaires that satisfy us both functionally and aesthetically, to make the bathroom a practical and beautiful space.

At a more technical level, when choosing luminaires to place in the bathroom mirror, we must take into account the rest of the light we have, as well as the size of the room and the mirror, its installation mode and its IP classification. For this type of lamp it is recommended that the IP rating (which indicates the degree of protection against dust and humidity of each lamp) is not less than 44.

If you have any questions about which lamp to choose to illuminate the mirror of your bathroom, you can contact us and we will advise you on what you need. You can call us at our customer service phone 977 32 85 56, send an email to the support address or talk to us through the chat available on the website. We are at your disposal!

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