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Ktribe Flos lamp in Apply format. Design by Philippe Starck 2007. Colors: Transparent, Silver, Bronze, Fabric and Fumé. Materials: aluminum,...


Marset Mercer, wall lamp. The fusion of materials of different nature achieves a product of great spectacularity since its cotton tape screen...

Classic Wall Sconces

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Luminaires in wall lamp format are one of the best options to install as secondary light points in rooms or lounges, as well as to illuminate corridors or other small rooms. Classic wall sconces are characterized by being made of materials such as copper, glass, metal or fabric in the main shape and by presenting rounded shapes and colors such as white, gold or brown. Many of the classic wall sconces are inspired by the shapes of the ancient chandeliers or oil lamps that were previously used. Also very common in classic wall sconces are aged metal or copper finishes and the use of fabric or glass screens that project shapes into their halo of light.

Classic style wall sconces usually offer a rather ambient and diffused light, although currently brands have incorporated the classic style to luminaires that offer more directional lighting. The classic style sconces will give the touch of personality to the rooms in which you want to achieve this style. The installation of classic wall sconces, as well as other types of luminaires of this style, will involve 50% of the work of interior design to achieve a stay in which this classic atmosphere is breathed.

Classic wall lamps for your living room or bedroom in classic style

Some of the rooms where classic wall sconces are most frequently installed are the living rooms and bedrooms in which you want to achieve this characteristic style and which many are passionate about. The classic style is a timeless style, characterized by elegance and sophistication, capable of resisting passing fashions for years, so betting on it is a safe bet in decoration. The classic style rooms, as well as their luminaires, flee from minimalism and therefore it is indicated that their use is made in large spaces. However, if you do not have many meters, the installation of classic wall sconces is a good option to incorporate lamps that recreate this environment.

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