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Garden Beacons

Garden beacons in

Find the garden beacons you're looking for in! Installing garden beacons will allow you to take much more advantage of the outdoor space at night, increasing visibility and safety. In addition, the installation of garden beacons will allow you to create the environment you want making the space a more welcoming and functional place at the same time.

Playing with light outdoors allows you to totally change the atmosphere of the space and take advantage of it much more. On an aesthetic level, the installation of garden beacons offers a spectacular change to the space, with very elegant results.

At we work only with leading outdoor lighting brands, so all our products combine design and functionality perfectly. Our garden beacons are decorative elements that during the day will give your garden or outdoor corridor a refined and careful look. In addition, many brands have other types of products such as outdoor overwall lamps or exterior wall lamps.

Choose the most suitable garden beacon for your outdoor space

To choose a garden beacon suitable for your needs it is pertinent to take into account different aspects, such as the climatic conditions of the environment, the material, the light intensity, the direction of the light, the installation that is required ... In we have garden beacons of many types, even so, if you do not find exactly what you are looking for on our website, you can contact us so that our team of professionals can give you more options suitable for your needs.

Energy efficiency is a key aspect in this type of outdoor lighting, for this reason we have different types of luminaire, consult with our professionals which is the ideal option for you.

For any questions about the garden beacons you need to purchase you can contact us through our contact form on the website, our email address or by calling us at 977 32 85 56. We offer you advice totally free and without obligation. We look forward to helping you!

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