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String Lamps

String lamps in

If you are looking for a string lamp, you are in the right place. In we are specialists in design lamps for more than 10 years, we have a wide catalog in which you can surely find that string lamp that suits your tastes and needs.

String lamps have become very popular in recent years so several design studios, both nationally and internationally, have incorporated this material for the manufacture of design lighting pieces, creating string lamps of very different styles. There are a lot of designs of rope lamps, ceiling rope lamps, floor rope lamps, table rope lamps, etc., since this material allows a great game in the elaboration of the screens and support elements.

The fabric with rope on screens allows to create different types of opacity and projections of light, as well as the use of different colors, from those more natural to strings dyed in striking colors such as red or turquoise.

Need help finding your right winding lamp?

We know that on many occasions finding the right lamp to create the desired environment can be complicated. Several aspects must be taken into account such as the type of light, the point where it will be installed, the installation mode, the ideal measure ...

In we have a team of lighting design professionals to solve any doubt that arises when choosing your string lamp. Do not hesitate to contact the company to consult us what you want, we will offer you all the advice for free. You can do this by using email, calling us at 977 32 85 56 or sending us a message through the form that you will find in the Contact section of our website or the online chat available on it. We will be happy to meet you!

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