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Cement Lamps

Cement lamps in iluxiform.com

Find your cement lamp in iluxiform! Lamps with materials such as cement are a great option for both indoors and outdoors. These are resistant lamps, so outdoors they are usually used in wall, beacon or ceiling format, giving very good results for their durability and maintenance over time.

Regarding the use of cement lamps indoors, although in principle it may not seem so, its use is very common in decorations of industrial or Nordic style. Cement pendant lamps, sconces and even floor lamps manage to evoke the style of the New York lofts of the 50s and, far from what you might think, combining them with wood and neutral colors manage to create cozy and warm spaces.

From the 90s architecture began to introduce the use of exposed cement in homes, both facades and interior, floors, ceilings or exposed cement walls began to become popular. Of course, for designers of design lamps that trend did not go unnoticed and the use of cement in design lighting began to be introduced.

Can't find the cement lamp you're looking for?

In iluxiform.com you can find several cement lamps of leading brands dedicated to design lighting, both nationally and internationally. If you do not find exactly what you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us through our info@iluxiform.com email, our customer service telephone number 977 32 85 56 or the contact form available at the head of the website so that we can help you. We are 100% official distributors of all the brands on our website, so it is possible that we can offer you more models of lamps that do not appear on the web and that adapt exactly to your needs.

At Iluxiform we know that lighting is an essential part of interior design, so we consider that professional advice is of great help to be able to make a good choice of your cement lamp. Contact us without obligation, it is completely free!

If you are interested in a product you can check the estimated delivery time by entering each of the cement lamps you select. Within each product you can also find necessary technical information, the measures and colors available, and other specifications of each cement lamp.

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