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Floor lamp: Ray F of the brand FLOS. The design is attributed to Rodolfo Dordoni, in 2007. We can see that, even over the years, its design is...


Marset lamp : Polo in foot format. Floor lamp. Design Joan Gaspar, year 2013. Integrated LED of 7W 3000K. The fluidity of its movements and...


Santa Cole Floor Lamp: Fad. Design Miguel Milá. Natural oak wood structure. White linen screen adjustable in height. Delivery time: 7-10...


Floor lamp I.Cone of VIBIA. The I.Cone floor lamp VIBIA, ideal as an auxiliary lamp or reading lamp. Design by: Lievore, Altherr and Molina....


Floor Lamp: VIBIA Lighting Suite. With this piece you will get a luminaire and a piece of furniture. It will be a piece of furniture with...

Nordic Floor Lamps

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The Nordic style is one of the decorative styles that gains more followers day after day. Its living rooms, bedrooms or kitchens in neutral colors, dominated by white, and the use of materials such as wood and natural fibers make us quickly associate this type of decoration with the warmth, comfort and peace of a home.

The Scandinavian style seeks to create pleasant and relaxed spaces, so it is a very good option if you want to make your house a special and cozy place. With that goal in mind, light is one of the most important elements in this style, in which one of its main goals is to give luminosity to each of the rooms. For this reason, Nordic interior designs try to integrate the available natural light to the maximum and mainly use luminous colors such as white.

In this way, we can clearly say that the lamps have a great weight in the decoration of Scandinavian style, since in the hours without natural light we try to maintain a lighting that of that homely and warm character that defines this style. The combination of different types of luminaires such as ceiling lamps, table lamps or floor lamps... it is essential and a very good bet if you want to get the most authentic Nordic style in your home.

What are Nordic style floor lamps like?

Nordic style floor lamps are characterized by having balanced and simplistic lines and making use of natural materials such as wood, fabric or paper. Another of its main hallmarks is the combination of neutral colors such as white, gray or black. These main colors are often accompanied by secondary colors that break the flatness of white, often presented in pastel tones.

When choosing your Nordic style floor lamp it is important that you take into account the distribution of the other points of light in the room and the natural light available during the day. On the other hand, it is important to take into account the remaining elements of the decoration, since this style seeks the balance between all the elements. However, it is also a recurring technique to incorporate some element of industrial, ethnic or vintage style, to give a different touch. The good choice of combinations will be what makes you manage to create an authentic Nordic interior design full of personality.

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