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Minimalism is a decorative style based on introducing the minimum of possible elements in decoration and architecture. The few elements that are part of the spaces that follow this style are elements with simple, thin and straight lines that seek to reduce any structure to a minimum expression. In addition, this style is characterized by order and organization, so the use of rectilinear elementary geometric figures, simplicity and structural and functional purism predominates. In short, minimalism tries to reduce design to its minimum expression and to follow one of the most repeated slogans in the world of decoration: 'less is more'.

In minimalism, the placement of decorative elements is millimetrically thought out and they are characterized by the meticulous precision of their finishes. Thus, this style has become one of the most popular among lovers of decoration and designer lighting. All the major brands of design lighting have minimalist style lamps in their catalogs and is that the realization of minimalist luminaires is usually a challenge that both designers and design lovers like.

Lighting in the minimalist style

Lighting is a key aspect in minimalist style decoration, as it is an element that decorates and can totally change the atmosphere of a space without adding many elements. In the spaces that want to recreate this type of decorative style, the placement of the luminaires is exhaustively designed seeking to reinforce the darkest points of each room to create a uniform light that fills the environment as close as possible to natural light. That is why it is common to use recessed spotlights or ceiling lamps to create a light as close to natural light as possible without seeing the structures of the lamps.

These main points of light are accompanied by floor or table lamps with straight lines and simple structures, usually with finishes in neutral colors such as black, white or gray. Regarding suspended luminaires, their use is increasing in rooms such as the kitchen, being placed on top of countertops or kitchen islands, as well as in living rooms as accessory points of light. As for the most common materials for the manufacture of minimalist style lamps, these are characterized by making use of metal with chrome or matte finishes, plastic and glass in their most refined finishes.

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