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Design Floor Lamps: Utilities

The designer floor lamps that we have in iluxiform, like all design luminaires, are used to illuminate and, in addition, to decorate. They are unique pieces designed specifically in order to make those who see these lamps fall in love.

Normally floor lamps are found in bedrooms or dining rooms. In both rooms you can use them to create a more point of light, providing a warmer and more pleasant stay.

In the dining rooms you will usually find designer floor lamps next to the sofa. Since many people use these luminaires to read books or magazines quietly in their homes.

For this reason you will find straight standing luminaires (to offer ambient light), with arch (to improve reading) and with the structure adjustable in height so you can choose the perfect size.

How to choose the most suitable Design Floor Lamp?

In addition to taking into account the style, the finish, the materials with which it is made, etc. Another important point when taking into account to acquire a designer floor lamp is the lighting they offer.

Apart from having or not incorporating LED technology, if you want a luminaire to read, you need the lamp to have direct lighting. While if you prefer to buy a design luminaire just to bring more atmosphere to the room, you do not need it to offer this direct lighting.

Below we will offer you a small lighting trick: If the light of the designer floor lamp is focusing upwards on the ceiling, the height of the room will seem higher.

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