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Design wall sconces in iluxiform

Designer wall sconces are usually used to illuminate areas such as corridors, stairs, bedrooms (putting a wall lamp on each side of the bed), etc.

You can use them wherever you want as long as you have a point of light so that the installer can perform the correct installation of the luminaire.

In iluxiform we are distributors of different brands of design lighting. So we offer you a wide range of design wall sconces so you can find the most suitable for you.

We know firsthand that choosing sconces can be a bit difficult and long process. You have to know that in our staff we have two interior designers who can advise you professionally on which are the most appropriate applications.

We only advise you to contact us so that we can tell you which ones are ideal for you. Taking into account your lighting need, your budget and, above all, your style. Do not worry, both the advice and the budget that we can pass you from the design wall sconces are completely free.

How to install designer wall lamps

It is recommended that the installation of design wall lamps is carried out by professionals. Installers will know how to place them and make them work perfectly, without damaging the walls and connected perfectly.

If you have any questions about how to install the design wall sconces, you can contact us. We will prepare the technical sheet and we will also send you the installation manual that the wall lamp brand has previously prepared.

Regarding the delivery time, each brand has its own, with brands that can make deliveries in 5 days and others in 30 days. We always try to make deliveries of designer wall lamps as quickly as possible.

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