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Decorative beacons: everything you need to know

On this occasion we want to talk about one of the most used outdoor luminaires: light beacons. What types of beacons exist?, What materials are they made of?, What are the most suitable?... In this post we will try to answer some of these questions to get you out of doubts.

Let's start at the beginning, what is a luminous beacon? Light beacons are a type of outdoor lamp normally used as a signaling object, which serve to indicate a geographical feature or a dangerous situation. Beacons are used on many occasions, such as in the signaling of works, in the signaling of public roads, road signs, etc. However, we are going to focus here on the most commonly used at a particular level: decorative beacons.

In the first place, we must point out that although we call them decorative beacons, for their careful aesthetics, these can also fulfill, obviously, with the objective of signaling where they are installed, so we already advance that they are a type of luminaire ideal for roads, entrances or gardens with unevenness.

Outdoor lighting is a very important element to be able to enjoy and take advantage of outdoor spaces optimally both day and night. With outdoor lighting elements, such as luminous beacons, you can create environments, make the space much more functional and adapted to the needs of each one and get the right aesthetic touch to enhance it. As you well know, with light you can transform a space completely and it happens even more spectacularly outdoors by introducing good lighting, so decisively it is an aspect that can not be left in the background when designing a garden or a terrace.

The ideal is to think about lighting at the same time as the space is designed, to be able to foresee all aspects both technical and functionality, and combine different types of lighting to have more general points of light and others of support. It is about making the garden, terrace or porch become comfortable, pleasant and safe places.

Baliza modelo Empty de Vibia

Photo: Outdoor beacon model Empty pie de VIBIA.

Luminous beacons, how, when and for what?

It all depends on the space you want to illuminate. The characteristics of the site, as well as the use that will be given and the environment that we want to achieve, must be the guidelines under which to choose the type of luminaire. In the case of beacons, it is an ideal lamp to illuminate spaces such as paths, gardens with unevenness, entrances or rather dark and isolated corners. The installation of luminous beacons is the most appropriate to delimit spaces or warn of the existence of some elements such as walls, walls or stairs. It is usually advised to use it for spaces with low light in which you want to create an ambient light, to guarantee visibility and contribute to safety in the most remote areas.

There are beacons of many types: some higher, others almost glued to the ground, luminaires that allow a more powerful lighting and others with totally diffused lighting, of very different materials and colors, minimalist, rustic, classic style ... You can find countless models. Below we detail some of the aspects to take into account when choosing a luminous beacon.

Balizas Vibia modelo Boxes pie exterior

Photo: Garden beacons model Boxes Exterior foot of VIBIA.

Things to consider when choosing a luminous beacon

     1. The material:

This is one of the most important aspects, since when it comes to outdoor lighting we have to take into account the weather circumstances that it will have to endure. Resistant materials must be chosen so that the luminaire can last as long as possible in the best conditions without suffering any damage due to the sun or rain. The most suitable materials for this type of luminaire are, for example, steel, aluminum or cement. In any case, the lamp must be suitable for the humidity and temperature conditions of the place and be protected by enveloping elements that protect the electrical systems. There are different levels of protection that are indicated by the so-called Protection Index (IP), expressed with two numbers. The first of them indicates protection against dust and the second against moisture.

      2. Size and installation:

Choosing an appropriate size is another of the fundamental aspects, since depending on the terrain we will have to choose beacons of a higher size or smaller beacons. For example, to signal a road the most appropriate would be to use beacons of at least about 35 - 40 cm, instead for the signaling of a wall they could be smaller. On the other hand, the electrical installation we have must be taken into account, since most beacons are fixed to the ground and need a buried electricity supply. However, there are solar options that do not require installation and are also very energy efficient.

      3. Style:

Regarding the decorative style of the beacons, the ideal is that they maintain an aesthetic relationship with that of the house and the garden. You can find models of all styles, for our part we recommend that in any case in addition to aesthetics take into account the functionality and the type of lighting you want to achieve.

      4. Type of lighting:

This aspect will depend in any case on the terrain, the needs of each space, the use that will be given and the atmosphere that you want to create. Downward-directed lighting is advised for the signaling of roads or specific elements and less directed lighting to illuminate dark corners. As for the type of lamp, we recommend choosing LEDS in any case, since it is a technology with a much longer and more efficient service life. You can choose beacons with integrated LEDs, in which the luminaire cannot be replaced, or that has a bushing to place the bulb.

      5. Energy efficiency:

The last element, but not the least important, is to take into account the energy efficiency of the chosen luminaire. These are lamps that will be on for long periods of time, so this is something that must be taken into account so as not to see a rise in our consumption and electricity bill.

Balizas exterior modelo Datna de Faro

Photo: Garden beacons model Datna de FARO.

Balizas jardin

Of course there are many other aspects that we must consider, but these are some of the main ones. We hope you can find the ideal beacon for you in iLuxiform.com.

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