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List of products by LUXCAMBRA

All Luxcambra lamps in iluxiform.com

On our website you can find the entire catalog of luminaires of the brand LUXCAMBRA with a 15% direct discount.

The shipping costs of our website are free from € 180 and you will have 2 years of warranty on all our products. On the other hand, we offer you 14 calendar days to request a return, in case you do not like a product or want to exchange it for another.

Luxcambra lamps

LUXCAMBRA is a lighting brand that offers quality lamps at very affordable prices. In its catalog you can find a wide variety of products of different prices and also of different styles.

Among these styles, classic, modern, minimalist lamps, etc. stand out. A point in favor is that all its lamps are manufactured in CE, within Spain.
LUXCAMBRA has also managed to expand internationally. Thus, some of the countries that can benefit from these luminaires are: United Kingdom, Austria, France, Germany and Holland.

Get to know the lighting brand a little more LUXCAMBRA

The lamp brand LUXCAMBRA is a family business that began in this sector in the mid-60s. They started working on the manufacture of economical and affordable lamps for all audiences.

The second generation of the family also continued with the family tradition, bringing a more innovative point and a more modern style in the design of their lamps.

Buy LUXCAMBRA lamps in iluxiform.com

All LUXCAMBRA lamps are available in iluxiform.com with a 15% direct discount. As we have mentioned, the shipping costs of our website are free from € 180.

We also offer you a 2-year warranty on all our products, including the LUXCAMBRA brand.

In our staff we have two interior designers to advise you and guide you in the choice of lamps for your home or business. We can offer you a totally free project of the luminaires that would best fit you. Taking into account your budget and your style, we will prepare a selection of lamps ideal for you.

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