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List of products by OLÉ FM ILUMINACIÓN

olé fm lighting in iluxiform.com

In iluxiform we offer you the entire catalog of olé fm lighting, manufacturers of design luminaires. Among its catalog, we can see different types of lamps: sconces, ceilings, recessed, tabletop and suspended lamps.

The delivery time of the olé fm lighting materials is approximately 15 days. So buying in iluxiform, you can enjoy the luminaires of this brand in just 1 fortnight.

Why buy lamps from Olé By FM?

Its original designs make the lamps of the lighting brand Olé By Fm unique. On the other hand, the facilities are very efficient and low consumption. What you will get an important energy saving in the electricity bill, in addition to having your house perfectly decorated.

We can see that with the passage of time, Olé By FM lamps have been adapted to the design trends of the market. Thus achieving that today it is a benchmark lighting brand in the market.

It should be noted that the brand olé fm lighting was born in 1992 by a team of young people. Whose enthusiasm and work has managed to currently market and export to 5 continents.

Olé Lighting Lamps

The quality policy of the Olé lighting brand offers and guarantees 100% original products, designed by Olé lighting's own team of designers and fully functional.

Thus contributing to the world of lighting, designer lamps with which the client can, in addition to illuminating their home or their business, decorate with luminaires.

Tell you that in all iluxiform design luminaires, you will have a 2-year warranty. So you can be sure that the lamps we offer you have a guarantee.

On the other hand, the delivery time of all FM Lighting lamps is approximately 15 working days. So, you can receive your lamps of this brand of lighting in just a fortnight.

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