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List of products by ARTURO ALVAREZ

The lighting brand Arturo Álvarez has in its catalog a wide range of different lamps with various finishes. All Arturo Álvarez design lamps are made entirely by hand and in Spain. The luminaires are made by techniques developed by Arturo Álvarez himself.

All Arturo Álvarez lamps are unique and have small amazing differences between them. In iluxiform we have on our website several lamps by Arturo Álvarez. As it could be his best known lamp: the Arturo Álvarez Choir.

More lamps by Arturo Álvarez

In our portal we always try to be updated to have all the news and all the lamps of possible design. In case you are interested in a lamp that we do not have on the web, you do not have to worry.

We can create the product sheet of your lamp so that you can acquire it without any problem and quickly. Send us an email to info@iluxiform.com or fill out our contact form and we will contact you.

Arturo Álvarez's Recognition

The design lighting brand Arturo Álvarez is recognized both nationally and internationally. Since their luminaires have modified the world of lighting design. The company was born in 1964 in the province of Pontevedra.

His style is recognizable, as his designs are unique, with a strong personality and his own. Its main strong point is the ease it has working shapes and volumes in an elegant way.

A little history of Arturo Álvarez

In his professional career there are three important moments. The first years the brand worked with figurative concepts, inspired by nature. In the second moment he created simple geometric figures without abandoning the inspiration of nature.

Today the brand is developing new forms of expression. As the protagonist has the human being and his relationships. Thus playing with light and shadows. Lately it is known that Arturo Álvarez is working with his own materials that allow him greater creative freedom and thus achieve greater expressiveness.

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