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List of products by ALMALIGHT

Lamps to illuminate from Alma Light

ALMALIGHT is a brand that manufactures decorative lighting fixtures. Its designer lamps stand out for being totally contemporary and made in Barcelona. As for the price, the ALMALIGHT brand offers incredible value for money.

In addition, at iluxiform we always offer the best prices. So you can get your design lamps from ALMALIGHT at a great price. His designs are known nationally and internationally.

It offers a wide range of possibilities with all lamps. There are different models and finishes of lamps. Whether they are tabletop luminaires, standing, sconces, ceilings, suspended, etc.

As we have discussed in other brand descriptions, we can have the designer lamps you want and need. As long as it is one of the lighting brands that we distribute, as would be the case of the Alma Light brand.

You just have to contact us and tell us what lamp you need. We will prepare the product sheet of your lamp in order that your experience in iluxiform and buying a design lamp is a more than pleasant experience.

Learn more about ALMALIGHT

Another feature that makes the ALMALIGHT lighting brand unique is that they bet on local designers. As mentioned above, all lamps of this brand are manufactured in Barcelona.

ALMALIGHT commitment to designers and also to local suppliers. Although as they comment "our market is the world".

All his designs are artisans, so he highlights the job well done, the originality and the noble materials with which he works.

A bit of ALMALIGHT history

Speaking a little about the history of Alma Light, the Cubiñá family created the company in 1989 in Barcelona. At that time they distributed luminaires throughout Spain and also in northern Europe. It was in 2003 when they ventured to go from being distributors to suppliers.

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