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List of products by VONDOM

The brand VONDOM distributes both furniture, pots and designer lamps. They themselves explain that VONDOM is a lifestyle, that is, a way of being. Its furniture is intended for both interior and exterior avant-garde and, above all, made with a lot of passion.

VONDOM comments that its luminaires are "designed by and for dynamic, innovative people with concerns. Also demanding the highest quality in what surrounds us".

In iluxiform we have the most representative VONDOM lamps of the brand. Although if you want a lamp that we do not have on our website, you can contact us. We will be happy to help you and create the product sheet. In order to make you feel comfortable and safe on our page and buying designer lamps.

You can contact us by sending us an email to info@iluxiform.com, calling us at 902 090 640, filling out our contact form or also through the online chat on our page.

The key to VONDOM's success

The key to VONDOM's success is to adore design culture. Since this is what moves to create new collections with which the space is endowed with a new dimension. It can be considered that the pieces of VONDOM have the ability to transform the simplest into an extraordinary, unique and, above all, full of glamour environment.

This lighting brand has a wide recognition nationally and internationally. Since its design culture and lighting creations make VONDOM expand to different countries.

VONDOM lamps

If you have a garden or a terrace, VONDOM will be your perfect ally to illuminate these areas of relaxation and fun with friends and family. You can choose from an infinity of outdoor furniture. In addition to pots and lamps with lighting to give a special touch to your garden.

Thanks to the technological evolution of VONDOM, you can choose different types of lighting. That is, with RBG lighting, white light, battery lamps, etc.

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