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List of products by VIBIA

The lighting brandVIBIA, VIBIA Lighting, has in its catalog several design lamps known nationally and internationally. The luminaires of this brand, in addition to illuminating, are a perfect complement to decorate.

Some of the best known lamps are the Skan, Flamingo, Slim, Mayfair, Funnel and a long list of incredible lamps. These luminaires, in addition to providing luminosity in your home or in your shop, also decorate. They are an implicit part of the decoration and could be considered as true works of art.

We want to inform you that, in case you are interested in a lamp that we do not have on the web, you can contact us. We will gladly prepare the product sheet of the design lamp you want. As long as it is from one of the lighting brands that we distribute.

You can contact us by sending us an email to info@iluxiform.com, filling out our contact form, through the online chat on our website or by calling us at 902 090 640.

As described VIBIA, "we are all connected to natural light in a deep and vital way." Since light is essential in our home, in our work and in our life in general.

Successful brand: VIBIA Lighting

The mission of VIBIA Lighting, as they describe themselves as "we design wonderful objects full of meaning. In addition, we also invite each person to use them to shape their own interpretation of light."

VIBIA design lamps

We have to comment that VIBIA offers different options for each of its luminaires. For example, you can choose the same surface luminaire or recessed luminaire. In addition to the different finishes that it presents in each design lamp.

Finally, one of the characteristics of the lighting brand VIBIA Lighting is the possibility of customizing, of customizing the product. The brand adapts perfectly to the needs and desires of each client.

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