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List of products by MARSET

The design lighting brand MARSET is known for all its creations and in particular for the Discocó lamp. La Discocó has become an icon and a benchmark in the world of lighting.

MARSET lamps : Discocó, Ginger, FollowMe and TamTam

In iluxiform we have the whole family of the Discocó lamp, in all its models, sizes and colors. This is not the only recognized lamp of this lighting brand, as it is also credited with creating the Ginger lamp.

You can find the Ginger in apply, suspended, standing and tabletop model. With a wide catalog of finishes and different models. We cannot forget the great revolution that got the FollowMe lamp from MARSET.

On the other hand, the Tam TamMARSET lamp is also well known both in the world of lighting and in the world of decoration and interior design.

Other recognized lamps of MARSET are the Maranga and the Mercer. Both can be found in different finishes and also in different models: standing, tabletop, etc.

Discover many more possibilities of MARSET

We remind you that, in case you do not find the lamp you are looking for, you can contact us and we will create the product sheet of your lamp (as long as the brand is one of those we distribute).

The Barcelona design lamp brand describes themselves as "We are convinced that we do more than just lamps. We take care of the light in its different nuances and effects to create atmospheres with character."

In iluxiform we are more than in love with this brand, since we think it is capable of surprising, in addition to exciting and accompanying. The design of the creations of the MARSET lamps has been rewarded several times.

The prize for MARSET's FollowMe lamp

For example, the DME Award 2014-2015, the National Design Award 2015, and the FollowMe lamp has been recognized with the Red Dot Award 2016.

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