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Design Lamps by LUZIFER Lamps

The Valencian company LZF lamps, also known as LUZIFER Lamps is internationally recognized thanks to the wonderful lamps it designs, manufactures and produces. LUZIFER Lamps is a small company that produces, as they describe themselves, "very special lights for very special people".

The lamps of LUZIFER began to be elaborated in 1994 by the founders of LUZIFER Lamps: Marivi Calvo and Sandro Tothill. All LUZIFER lamps have a characteristic that makes them special: they are handmade and only in wood veneer since their inception.

The wood veneer of all the lamps of LUZIFER Lamps, a Valencian company, provides the lamps with an incredible lighting effect . Since the inner beauty of the wood is projected and, at the same time, a soft and warm atmosphere radiates.

All about LZF Lamps

The lighting brand LUZIFER Lamps has won more than 30 international awards since its inception. For this and many more reasons, at iluxiform we want to have this brand on our website.

As distributors of the first brands of designer lamps, we could not miss the LZF Lamps brand. Another of the extroverted characteristics of this brand of lamps is the great variety of colors offered in its wide catalog. So you can choose the color of the wood veneer that you like the most and best suits your needs and the style of your house or business.

As we can do in all the brands we distribute, you can ask us for a product of one of our brands that is not on the web. We will prepare the product sheet of LUZIFER Lamps to make your shopping experience in iluxiform as satisfactory as possible.

If you have any other questions or queries, you can send us a message to the email info@iluxiform.com or through our chat or web form.

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